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Top 10 Products I Can't Live Without

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Testing different beauty and hair care products can be fun, and it's great when you find something you absolutely love! These are 10 products that I swear by and I'm hoping you'll like them too!

Dry Bar Detox Dry Shampoo $23

This dry shampoo truly adds texture and volume, as well as keeps my hair fresh when I don't have time to wash it. Not to mention it smells good too! Definitely a must have for me.

Foreo Luna Mini 2 $139

I love this device! It super easy to use, and completely bacteria free (unlike the Clarisonic!). It cleanses and exfoliates my face, and it lasts for months without having to charge it!

St Tropez Tanning Mousse $42

This is always my go-to self-tanner. After just one use, it makes a dramatic difference to my skin tone. As long as you moisturize before, there's no streaks, and it doesn't have a weird smell like most tanners do!

Xtava Curling Iron Set $39.99

This curling iron works really well and comes with 5 interchangeable curling rods, when you buy the set on amazon. It also heats up quickly and it's a great price!

Dazzle Dry Nail Polish $18

This is the only at home nail polish that has ever worked for me, and I've tried a lot. It dries in literally 30 seconds (I'm not kidding!) and stays on for almost three weeks. Their company is also based here in Arizona!

Coola Makeup Setting Spray $36

Coola has so many great products, but my favorite is their makeup setting spray. It keeps my makeup on much longer than it would without it, and it has hyaluronic acid (good for the skin) and SPF 30!

Flamingo Shaving Razor $9

It's so annoying having to buy new razors all the time, but the flamingo razor blade works for a good month before getting blunt. I've never had as close a shave with any other razor, I highly recommend!

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation $29.50

I know that choosing a foundation is definitely a personal choice, but for me, my favorite is the Clinique beyond perfecting foundation. It provides enough coverage for the face, without it looking too fake. It's super smooth and lightweight, with many different color shades to choose from.

Hello Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste $5.99

I wanted to add this one in because a lot of teeth whiteners are expensive and don't work well. So why not whiten your teeth while you brush them? I've just tried out this toothpaste about a week ago, and I can already see a difference with my teeth.

Olaplex Hair Perfector $28

This is the product a lot of hairdressers use for blowouts and after dying hair, but have never recommended to me until now! This product feels amazing when you wash your hair and leaves it looking shiny and soft after blowdrying it!

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