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Preparing for a Photoshoot

Last Wednesday, I helped plan and direct a photoshoot for the fashion scholars club at ASU! We decided to have the shoot at the Sugar Bowl ice cream parlor in Scottsdale, and included an 80's theme coordination for our outfits. We had the best milkshakes and took some cute pics too! For this blog post, I'm going to give you my best advice in prepping for a photoshoot.

1) Location

When planning for a photoshoot, it is important to take into consideration where your pictures will take place. This will be the backdrop for your photos, so choose wisely! You want to pick a place that is aesthetically pleasing, without having too much going on. The location also has a huge impact on what you will be wearing as well. This can help to determine the potential colors for your outfit, long/ short sleeves (based on weather), and adding in accessories like a hat or sunnies (inside or outside).

2) Outfit

You're going to want to choose an outfit with two things in mind: the time of year and whether or not the outfit is "on trend." People want to see what looks are currently trending and get inspired by something new. Your outfit will also depend on whether your are planning for dressier shoot, or for something more casual. You may also want to do an outfit change for an additional look, so keep these aspects in mind when deciding what to wear for a photoshoot.

3) Time

The time of day also has an impact on how your pictures will look. You are going to want to decide if the shoot will take place in the morning (sunrise pics), mid-day, or evening (sunset). I always advise if you are planning to take the pictures at 6pm to get there at 5pm so you have plenty of time to get set up before sunset and make a game plan. It's always better to have extra time than not enough.

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